Uncool Again... Finally, by Tom Mustroph, Theater der Zeit, 06.2001

The Berlin Performance Festival ”rich & famous“

[…] After all two productions took the audience still seriously, not only as a thinking, but also as an emotional sounding board. Antonia Baehr and William Wheeler position themselves with provocation. They take each others’ hands and just stand still. Minimally, they turn their heads or move their lips. They are literally grown together, possessed by something that doesn’t permit them to move. The cause is not perceptible for the viewer, fundamentally. Nevertheless the spectator follows each impulse, observes the extinguishing of each expression and the re-describing. Agitation spreads. People look around, perhaps wanting to leave. But the audience itself has become an organism, an instrument that emits glances and sounds. Nobody can dodge this situation; one endures and feels connected within a strange experiment that infuses new life into the minimalism of John Cage. What is so impressive with Wheeler and Baehr is how frankly they expose themselves to the audience. There is no security in the form, no ironic distance, no mere posing one could escape to. […]



At the End were the Hands, by Jutta Behnen, Der Tagesspiegel Berlin, 16.05.2001

The Berlin Performance Festival ”rich & famous“ presents stars & starlets
[…] Actually one from a total of 42 projects the festival-curators Kathrin Tiedemann and Aenne Quiñones had invited finally made it. Finally the irritation! ”Holding Hands” : Two human beings stand in a room coated in white. They are holding hands, say nothing, do not move. After endless time they start changing their features. They’re moving their facial muscles with synchronicity. Yet there exists no reason for the mimetic game. The characters harden into something grotesque, and the viewer is baffled. 
The viewer slowly starts to realize that he is just witnessing the climax of ”rich & famous“.


Oder escape drücken, by Florian Malzbacher, Frankfurter Rundschau, 30.11.2002




Händchen halten by Mathias Bischoff, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 30.11.2002