A person enters the stage. For whom and for whose pleasure? What motivates his/her moves? What structures them? Henry Wilde aka Antonia Baehr looks at scores as structures that put us into motion. Thank you started with the questions: what moves me? how do I imitate? The fact that we are always performing, both in our everyday lives as well as in the theatre, raises the question of how imitating in the theater is different than in life and how this imitation gets read differently. Here, Antonia aka Henry and Valérie aka Olivier pose the question of imitation – of mimesis, one of the fundamental ingredients of occidental theater tradition – from a point of view of post-moustache dykes and beyond the binary contrast between acting and costume on the one hand and so called neutral performance on the other. Thank you is first and foremost a work model, utopian and real, with two persons, one theme - in variations.