Antonia Baehr (Concept, Choreography, Performance)
Antonia Baehr set out one day by foot from a house in the countryside as a young explorer, performing puppet shows in town squares for her daily bread. After studying and making things, Antonia Baehr also became Werner Hirsch the dancer and horse whisperer who made choreography and films and the producer of Werner Hirsch, the musician and choreographer Henri Fleur, the composer Henry Wilt and the husband Henry Wilde. She delighted in teaching young artists at colleges and by now her work explored the fiction of the everyday and of the theatre, among other themes, often working with other artists and other scores. Then something extraordinary happened and she was invited to The Beursschouwburg in Brussels, to present an event full of the work of Baehr's and Hirsch's and of all the friends who had done things with her before. It was very lovely and there was a lot of laughing like in the book “Lachen” which told you how to laugh. And when that was over and the confetti was swept away, a new book full of portraits of affinities in animal metaphors was made filled with pictures, scores and etchings, which followed the performance, “Abecedarium Bestiarium” which performed in Brazil and Japan and there was more along the way; “Larry Peacock”, “My Dog Is My Piano”, Ida, the radio plays, “For Faces”, “Merci”, “Rire / Laugh / Lachen” and that is not in any order, but it all tumbled out into the sea where she wrote “Des miss et des mystères“ with Olivier, and in the middle and near the end of that she danced Tango, fell in and out of love, celebrated her parents' paintings, and started making a new normal dance with her friends who are not at all dancers, but some are. – written by: Ida Wilde
Valérie Castan (Artistic Assistant, Choreography)
Valérie Castan was born in the south of France, named as a boy before birth. Spent one night as Olivier, then became Valérie. Grew up in the Western suburb of Paris in the sleeping workers city. Wanted to dance as a very small child. Started and stopped very quickly the ballet classes of a very strict Russian professor. Trained her body to practice sports everyday, and finally quit gymnastic tournaments because of competition and the fear of falling and death. After that, she started dancing again and danced all day with other dancers and choreographers and did many things with dance. Mostly in France. Spent more nights as Olivier as a king performer. Beautiful muscles gone with menopause. The eyes and ears learned to describe live dance shows for blind people, only in French. English, she speaks badly! Never tried to speak German! Working in Berlin for many years but still doesn't know the city. Her favourite bars in the city are Möbel Olfe on Tuesdays, Südblock and the Commune which friends have introduced her to. She smokes English cigarettes, reads and watches movies and spends time in the countryside with her wife and son. These things are the best part. Has been devoted to Antonia's work these last 12 years. – written by: Valérie Castan
Mirjam Junker (Performance, Choreography)
After studying the law books carefully, Mirjam Junker dropped them and arrived in Berlin in 1992, to the squats and idealism of the early days. When the summers spent building and constructing dreams with friends was over, she left for an adventure sailing the Atlantic seas as a deckhand, to Italy for olive tree climbing, through London for a season or two of queer squatting and on to Tel-Aviv and Akko for a bit of romance. When she returned to Berlin, she jumped centre-stage for a few dedicated years of avant-garde performance art with a group called Primärenergie while starting to work as a bouncer at some of the toughest clubs in town. In the meantime she completed three and a half years of boat-building studies and found a dream job in a wood workshop, sanding and whistling all day to the radio, spending weekends at the door, training Aikido seriously in between. Thirteen years married and a passionate football fan, she has become recently enamoured of Liverpool FC (a passion she shares with her brother-in-law). – written by: Ida Wilde
Pia Thilmann (Performance, Choreography)
Pia Thilmann does not normally dance, but trudges through life as a butch, in Kreuzberg or elsewhere. A drag king met Werner Hirsch, a housewife cooks jam and butchers goats. A sourdough is the pet of the household. A collector is hunting for smock aprons all over the world. A tinkerer cherishes electroluminescent wire. Kids are a good reason to climb on trees or playgrounds. Rugby league was great, but is over. Swimming as a kid was great, as long as this was possible in trunks. Aids Activism and feminism improve life. After studying philosophy, many festivals passed by, organizing them is wage employment. Mexican Wrestling is a secret passion. Whether trees or succulents are the better plant friends, has yet to be discovered. – written by: Pia Thilmann
Carola Caggiano (Technical Direction, Sound Design, DJane CC Imperatriz)
Carola Caggiano grew up in a very little town on top of a beautiful mountain. In this royal place the biggest castle had 2,673 windows. Franco´s corpse is lying there under a 150m high cross. The place was scary, so she moved in 1997 to London, squatted houses and learned some circus tricks and performed on the streets. In 1999 she went back to Madrid to study Geology (still squatting!). She spent many hours and days learning rock cartography; painting colourful maps while sitting on a peak (watching the view!).  In 2004 she moved to Berlin and changed her life again. It´s never too late and she started playing cello and piano with Russian teachers, studying audio waves and working in theater as a sound and light technician. During the last eight years, she has been a very passionate Taiji Quan practitioner. – written by: Carola Caggiano
Miss Candless (Light Design)
Miss Candless is based in Paris. Began on stage as a mime artist. She then left the physical theatre company she had been running for the past five years to devote herself exclusively to designing lighting. She first became interested in lighting design after taking a research workshop with the stage designer Josef Svoboda in 1990 – an encounter that was to prove decisive for her. Each project, in collaboration with choreographers, directors, visual artists, stage designers, musicians and video-makers, is an opportunity for her to continue research into creating other spatio-temporal perceptions with light or films of light video projected, in relationship to bodies. Bodies are "central" in her way of lighting the space. She likes to swim, rebuild old houses and spend time in the countryside with her wife and friends, working in the garden and listening to birds in spring. Normal Dance is her 4th collaboration with Antonia Baehr. – written by: Ida Wilde
Maya Weinberg (Movement Research, Choreography)
Maya Weinberg grew up in one of the hottest deserts in the world gazing out at the red spring blossoms that covered the ground like a beautiful wool blanket. As a child she learned to dance and then became a principal dancer in a very principal dance company in Israel, where she danced for eight years while studying literature, feminism and philosophy. She loves teaching dance and has met many students and friends in dance and performance art festivals around the world, with whom she sometimes collaborates. She is an artist interested in the tragi-comic gap that exists between language and unexpressed intentions. Over time she became enthralled with the queer activists in Tel-Aviv and started getting to know them and doing performance and demonstrations with them. In those years the left scene in the city was blossoming like the red flowers in the desert, but she wanted to learn more and decided to pack her books, hats and sneakers and then unpack them in Berlin, where she has been dancing with many new artists. She likes to observe things, write, hear music and learn to play the flute. Adventures of the heart both big and small are the most exciting things. – written by: Ida Wilde