We are looking for four interpreters for the project
"Un après-midi # 8" (Valenciennes Version)
that will take place on the 2nd of December, 2004 during the Festival „Lignes de Corps – Femmes Choréographes“ in Valenciennes, L’Espace Pier Paolo Pasolini.

The score of "Un après-midi # 8" is by Henry Wilt. The performance is presented by Antonia Baehr and Werner Hirsch.

Who can do it:
Women or persons who have lived as women for some time in their lives.

- You should have the desire to dress up and pass as a man. You can be an experienced Drag King, or one to be born. Drag King Werner Hirsch (alias Antonia Baehr) will be delighted to give you birthhelp.

- You should have the desire to get told during 30 minutes of your life what to do, since the piece is not rehearsed but the interpreters hear the instructions over headphones. The instructions are in English, but you don't need to speak perfect English.

If you are interested in doing it, Henry Wilt will send you mail containing further details and answers to your questions (an answer to an often asked question: you don't need to be a dancer or athletic to do it – but it’s not forbidden either -; you won't have to take your clothes off, and there is no sex on stage).

Time commitment:
about 2 hours to discuss outfit and learn how to use your MD player during the performance (30.11.), about half an hour to make a final decision about outfit together with the other performers (01.12.), you decide when to arrive for the performance (02.12.), you will probably need some time for make-up

100 €

Clothing is not provided. Please come with your own male (drag) clothes.
The proposition for this version is to be our male colleagues in their daily clothes. If you don’t own male clothes, you could borrow them from your male friends.

with best wishes,

Antonia Baehr & Ulrike Melzwig
(for Henry Wilt)

contact: antoniabaehr[at]arcor[dot]de