In Without you, I am Nothing, voice and speech, body and mind are uniquely tied together in the singing of the opera diva.

On the stage is a golden chair with a microphone on it, a small amplifier, a theremin, and black cables connecting all these things, creating a tight triangle. Antonia, the diva, enters in a lovely sparkly gown, sits down in the chair and delivers a hypnosis text based on a fantasy of being in love with and performing for a queen. She speaks a little sideways to an audience which will choose either to sink into her fantasies and suggestions or to detach themselves and listen, scrutenizing the text and the scenario. After she finishes her hypnosis, she lip-synchs to William playing Giuseppe Verdi’s “Tu che le vanità” on the theremin, making it sound like an operatic soprano voice. Seeing and hearing, disbelieve and wanting to believe are all combined. Musician/instrument, text/speech, audience/vision in general become blurred.
Logic dances in a field of flowers for a moment, and something like a trance is made possible.